I tan a chhawpchhuah

Baking/ Bakery Instructor mamawh

Himali, Siliguri-a baking technique instructor tur mi pakhat mamawh a ni. Hlawh hi ₹ 15,000/- in bul ṭan tûr a ni a.

Awmna tûr hmun him leh nuam tak (quarters) a thlawna pêk a ni ang. Sorkar project hnuaia thawk tur a nih dawn avangin kawng engkimah a him em em a ni.

Mizo naupang vêk a zirtir dawn a vangin hnaah pawh harsatna a awm lo ang. Dilploma in Food Technology zir zo chin leh ataka tawnhriat nei ni thei se.

Contact : 9774395918 Emaw thangtawng2307@gmail.com

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