I tan a chhawpchhuah


A Male and Female Warden is wanted.
Interview will be held at the school from 11:00am – 2:30pm.

Contact : 9862810672
Chhungkaw member 3 chenna ah nula mamawh a ni e.
Hlawh zat Rs 5,000/-

Contact : 8014667412 , 9862306940
Tleirawl/ nula langa kal tur (kum 15 atanga kum 26 inkar vel) mamawh a ni a.
Hrechiang duh tan a hnuaia phone no ah hian zawhchian theih a ni.
Hlawh chu inbiakremna a ni ang.

Contact : 7642805560 , 6909291506
Hmeichhe fel tak awmpui tur (lehlang ni lo) kan mamawh e.
A duh tur chuan min han be teh u.
Hlawh chu Rs 7,000/-

Contact : 9612165453
Ramhlun ‘S’ ah lang kal tur nula duh leh mamawh a ni e.
Hlawh inbiakremna.

Contact : 8575286518 , 8730926796
Dawr bungrua sem tur pick-up driver ruihhloa fihlim hmanhmawh taka mamawh a ni e.

Contact : 9436141246 , 9436155167
ZNHSS Bawngkawn urgently required History lecturer for Higher Sec. School.
Date of interview : 29/ 30 January 2021 (1:00pm)

Contact : 9862533195 , 8575515767
Mipa kum 25 aia upa lo peon tur duh a ni.
Qualification Class VIII passed.
Hlawh Rs 4,000/- pm.

Contact : 9366181327 , 7630818669
OCS Khalta
Nula dawr nghak tur mamawh a ni e.

Contact : 8794694640
Plaza restaurant, Zion Street ah waitress & kitchen staff tur mipa leh hmeichhia duh a ni.

Contact : 9862371450 , 8132812395
Looking for Sales Manager/Sr.Sales Manager to work in a Financial company at Aizawl.
Candidates need to be Graduate with 2years of working experience.
Two Wheeler Preferred. CTC Upto-4.00L

Interested candidates may connect : 9007073843 or mail your resume to : careerontrackhrservices@gmail.com
Casino cruise, Hotel industry a thawk duh tan Hotel Management Course kan hawng leh ta e.


CONTACT : 8014163196
@hnaruak1 #hnaruak


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