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What is a Predatory Journal? List of common predatory journal.

Introduction: The academic landscape is replete with reputable journals that uphold rigorous standards of peer review and scholarly excellence. However, a growing concern within the scholarly community is the emergence of predatory journals, which exploit the academic publishing system for financial gain without adhering to the principles of quality and integrity.

Defining Predatory Journals: Predatory journals are publications that prioritize profit over academic rigor. They often engage in deceptive practices, such as charging exorbitant fees, lacking proper peer review processes, and failing to uphold ethical standards. These journals exploit the desire for publication and academic recognition, preying on unsuspecting researchers.

Red Flags of Predatory Journals:

  1. Article Processing Charges (APCs): Predatory journals often charge high APCs without providing commensurate editorial services.
  2. Rapid Publication: Unusually quick turnaround times for publication, often within days or weeks, may indicate a lack of proper peer review.
  3. Dubious Peer Review Process: Predatory journals may claim to have a peer review process but lack transparency in the identity and qualifications of reviewers.
  4. Aggressive Solicitation: Unsolicited emails inviting submissions to journals, especially those with generic or flattering language, may signal predatory intent.
  5. Inflated Impact Factor Claims: Some predatory journals falsely claim high impact factors to attract submissions.

The Impact on Researchers:

  1. Loss of Credibility: Publishing in predatory journals can tarnish a researcher’s reputation and erode trust in their work.
  2. Financial Exploitation: Researchers may incur significant fees without the benefit of genuine peer review or proper editorial services.
  3. Diminished Academic Impact: Work published in predatory journals may not be widely recognized or cited, undermining the impact of the research.

Protecting Yourself:

  1. Check Journal Indexing: Verify if the journal is indexed in reputable databases such as PubMed, Scopus, or Web of Science.
  2. Research the Editorial Board: Legitimate journals have reputable scholars on their editorial boards. Check the credentials of the editorial team.
  3. Review Publication Ethics: Confirm that the journal adheres to recognized publication ethics and guidelines, such as those outlined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
  4. Consult Colleagues: Seek advice from trusted colleagues or mentors regarding the reputation of the journal.

The following are our known (latest) list of predatory journal. (Many more to be added):

  1. Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture Research
  2. International Journal of Information and Communication Sciences (IJICS)
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Applications
  4. Journal of Computer Engineering & Information Technology
  5. International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences
  6. Engineering: Open Access
  7. International Journal of Information and Communication Sciences
  8. International Journal of Development Research (IJDR)
  9. Journal of Nanotechnology Research (ISSN: 2688-8521)
  10. International Journal of Endocrinology Research and Reviews (ISSN: 2993-656X)
  11. International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)
  12. Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (AJMS)
  13. Archives of Clinical and Medical Case Reports
  14. All Journals under Fortune Journals
  15. Journal of International Politics (JIP)
  16. Adalya Journal – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  17. ​​Advances in Fixed Point Theory (published by SCIK Publishing Corporation)
  18. Aegaeum – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  19. Agrociencia – hijacker of the legitimate journal Agrociencia (note the additional “o” in “colopos” in the URL)
  20. AGU International Journal of Engineering & Technology (AGUIJET)
  21. AGU International Journal of Professional Studies & Research (AGUIJPSR)
  22. AGU International Journal of Research in Social Science & Humanities (AGUIJRSSH)
  23. Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports (also here)
  24. Annals of Dental Specialty
  25. American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research
  26. American Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (AJHSSR)
  27. American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development (AJMRD)
  28. Amphibian & Reptile Conservation
  29. Arabian Journal of Medical Sciences (AJMS)
  30. Archives of Applied Medicine (related to KEI Journals)
  31. ARCTIC Journal – hijacker of a legitimate journal
  32. Asian Journal of Advanced Research and Reports (AJARR) (associated with ScienceDomain International)
  33. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology
  34. Asian Journal of Emerging Research
  35. Aurora’s International Journal of Computing​
  36. Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR) (and here)
  37. BOREAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH – hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  38. British Journal of Biomedical Research (BJBMR)
  39. British Journal of Medical & Health Sciences (BJMHS)
  40. British Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research​ (BJPMR)
  41. Canadian Journal of Biomedical Research and Technology (CJBRT)
  42. CCAMLR Science – a hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  43. Cell Medicine (published by Cognizant Communication Corporation)
  44. Core Evidence (published by Dove Press)
  45. Current Biomarker Findings (published by Dove Press)
  46. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology (CJAST) (associated with ScienceDomain International)
  47. Current Neurobiology (Journal of Current Neurobiology)
  48. Current Science
  49. Danish Scientific Journal (DSJ)
  50. Degenerative Neurological and Neuromuscular Disease (published by Dove Press)
  51. Disseminate Knowledge
  52. Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas)
  53. European Journal of General Dentistry (published by Medknow)
  54. European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine (EJMCM)
  55. FOURRAGES – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  56. Frontiers in Medical Case Reports
  57. Global Journal of Advance Research on Classical and Modern Geometries
  58. Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches (GJESR)
  59. Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicine
  60. Global Scientific Journal – GSJ Publication
  61. High Technology Letters – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  62. IARTEM e-journal
  63. IBMRD’s Journal of Management Research
  64. Iconic Research & Engineering Journals (IRE Journals)
  65. The IIOAB Journal
  66. IJPUB – International Peer Reviewed, Open Access Journal (also see International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT))
  67. Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development (published by Institute of Medico-Legal Publications)
  68. Indonesian Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (IJBFA)
  69. Indonesian Journal of Management and Business Economics (IJMBE)
  70. Interciencia – hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  71. International New Arts and Sciences Research Journal​ – look out for malware/viruses
  72. International Bulletin of Drug Research
  73. International Education and Leadership
  74. International Educational Applied Research Journal (IEARJ)
  75. International Invention of Scientific Journal (IISJ)
  76. International Journal for Engineering and Emerging Technologies (IJFEET)
  77. International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (published by ACCENTS Journals)
  78. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET)
  79. International Journal of Advanced Research in Education Technology and Management (IJARETM)
  80. International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE)
  81. International Journal of Advanced Research in Innovative Discoveries in Engineering and Applications (IJARIDEA)
  82. International Journal of Advanced Research in Management, Architecture, Technology and Engineering (IJARMATE)
  83. International Journal of Advanced Research and Publications (IJARP)
  84. International Journal of Advanced Research Trends in Engineering and Technology (IJARTET)
  85. International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research (published by Gupta)
  86. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Bioresearch (IJAEB)
  87. International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences (IJAB)
  88. International Journal of Biopharmaceutics (IJB)
  89. International Journal of Business and Information (IJBI)
  90. International Journal of Business Management and Commerce (IJBMC)
  91. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology
  92. International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies (IJCCTS)
  93. International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies
  94. International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing
  95. International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) (also see IJPUB)
  96. International Journal of Dental Science and Innovative Research (IJDSIR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  97. International Journal of Education and Science Research Review (IJESRR)
  98. International Journal of Electronics, Communication and Soft Computing Science and Engineering (IJECSCSE)
  99. International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering
  100. International Journal of Engineering, Economics And Management (IJEEM)
  101. International Journal of Engineering Research and Sports Science (IJERSS)
  102. International Journal of Engineering Science Technology And Research (IJESTR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research; falsely claiming to be indexed by DOAJ)
  103. International Journal of Engineering Studies and Technical Approach (IJESTA)
  104. International Journal of Eurasia Social Sciences (Uluslararasi Avrasya Sosyal Bi̇li̇mler Dergi̇si, IJOESS)
  105. International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research (IJHMCR) (note: the journal is indexed in JCR, but I decided to include it on the list due to its questionable editor-in-chief)
  106. International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT)
  107. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Adaptive Management (IJITAM)
  108. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Creative Engineering (IJITCE) (published by IJAET Journal)
  109. International Journal of Latest Research in Humanities and Social Science (IJLRHSS)
  110. International Journal of Learning and Teaching (IJLT)
  111. International Journal of Lifescience and Pharma Research (IJLPR)
  112. International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing (IJMMM) (published by IACSET)
  113. International Journal of Medical, Health Science and Internal Research (IJMHSIR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  114. International Journal of Medical Science and Advanced Clinical Research (IJMACR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  115. International Journal of Medical Science and Applied Research (IJMSAR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  116. International Journal of Medical Science and Diagnosis Research (IJMSDR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  117. International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research (IJMSIR) (connection to BI International, Albert Science, EIJO, and Pharma Research)
  118. International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research
  119. International Journal of Medicine and Public Health (published by Phcog.Net)
  120. International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science (IJMTES)
  121. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies (IJMAS)
  122. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Consortium (IJMC) (published by Modern Rohini Education Society)
  123. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research And Studies (IJMRAS)
  124. International Journal of Nanomedicine (published by Dove Press)
  125. International Journal of Novel Research and Development (IJNRD)
  126. International Journal of Preclinical and Pharmaceutical Research (IJPPR)​
  127. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences (IJPRAS)​
  128. International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology (IJRCOG)
  129. International Journal of Research and Applications (IJRA)
  130. International Journal of Research in Computer Applications and Robotics (IJRCAR)
  131. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (IJRMS)
  132. International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Science (IJSES)
  133. International Journal of Scientific Management and Development (IJSMD) (published by Kian Pajouhan Inst)
  134. International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology (IJSRET)
  135. International Journal of Social Science and Business (IJSSB)
  136. International Journal of Social Science and Humanity Research (IJSSHR)
  137. International Journal of Social Sciences and Information Technology (IJSSIT)
  138. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD)
  139. International Journal of Zoology Studies
  140. International Medical Journal – hijacker of the legitimate journal imj-1994.com
  141. International Refereed Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering (IRJSRE) – the same fake editorial board as IJMER
  142. International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES)
  143. International Review of Humanities and Scientific Research (IRHSR)
  144. Internet Journal of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology (published by ChanRe Journals)
  145. Iraqi National Journal of Chemistry (IQNJC)
  146. Istoriâ Zmievskogo kraâ
  147. Journal of Academia and Industrial Research
  148. Journal of Accounting and Applied Business Research (JAAABR)
  149. Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental Sciences Research (JAMDSR)
  150. Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science (JAMCS) (associated with ScienceDomain International)
  151. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research (JAMMR) (associated with ScienceDomain International)
  152. Journal of Applied Bio-Science, Medicine, and Biology
  153. Journal of Arts, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences (JALHSS) (despite being indexed by DOAJ)
  154. Journal of Clinical and Medical Images
  155. Journal of Engineering Technology (JoET) (hijacker of a legitimate journal)
  156. Journal of English Language Teaching and Linguistics
  157. Journal of FisheriesSciences.com
  158. Journal of Global Pharma Technology (JGPT)​
  159. Journal of Management and Architecture Research (JOMAAR)
  160. Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism (Disiplinlerarası Akademik Turizm Dergisi, JOMAT)
  161. Journal of International Dental and Medical Research (JIDMR)
  162. Journal of International Oral Health (published by Medknow)
  163. Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics (published by Medknow)
  164. Journal of Research in Ecology (JRE)
  165. Journal of Research and Opinion (inactive)
  166. Journal of Scientometric Research (published by eManuscript, a publishing division of Phcog.Net)
  167. Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  168. Journal of Talent Development and Excellence (JTDE) – hijacker of the legitimate journal iratde.org
  169. Journal of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (JUSST) – hijacker of the legitimate journal, note the URL
  170. Journal of Xi’an Shiyou University – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  171. Journal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  172. Journal of Xidian University – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URL)
  173. Journal of the Pancreas (JOP)
  174. Jurnal Teknologi Informasi Dan Komunikasi Dalam Pendidikan (published by Universitas Negeri Medan)
  175. Jurnal Teknologi Pendidikan (published by Universitas Negeri Medan)
  176. Jurnalul de Chirurgie
  177. MAGNT Research Report (BRIS Journal of Advances in Science and Technology)​
  178. Material Science Research India
  179. Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering Journal (MMSE)
  180. Medical – Surgical Nursing Journal (MEDSNJ)
  181. Mintage Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences
  182. Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg
  183. Mitteilungen Saechsischer Entomologen (published by James Publications)
  184. Mugla Journal of  Science and Technology (Muğla Journal of Science and Technology)
  185. National Journal of Commerce and Management (NJCM)
  186. Neuropsychiatry (London) (connection to Longdom)
  187. The New American Journal of Medicine (NAJMED)
  188. North American Journal of Medical Sciences (published by Medknow)
  189. Nursing and Midwifery Studies (published by Medknow)
  190. Oncology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Reports (published by eManuscript, a publishing division of Phcog.Net)
  191. Opción – hijacker of a legitimate journal Opción (note the URLs)
  192. Oriental Journal of Chemistry
  193. Paideuma Journal of Research (also here) – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note the URLs)
  194. Palma Journal
  195. Pharmacognosy Magazine (published by Phcog.Net)
  196. Pharmacognosy Research (published by Medknow)
  197. Pharmacognosy Reviews (published by Phcog.Net)
  198. Pioneer-scientists (Pioneer Scientists)
  199. POLISH POLAR RESEARCH – hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  200. Preslia Journal – hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  201. Research on Modern Higher Education (published by Asian Academic Press)
  202. Research Revolution
  203. Revista de Educacion – hijacker of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  204. Revistas Electrónicas UACh (AUS Journal) and here – hijackers of a legitimate journal, note the URL
  205. RGUSH Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (published by eManuscript, a publishing division of Phcog.Net)
  206. Signa Vitae – Journal of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
  207. Singaporean Journal of Business Economics and Management Studies (SJBEM) (connected to Arabian Group of Journals, AGJ)
  208. Society: Politics, Economics, Law (Obŝestvo: Politika, Èkonomika, Pravo) (published by LLC Publishing House KHORS)
  209. Swiss Chinese Law Review Journal
  210. Taylors Science Gate (also here)
  211. Technology Reports of Kansai University – hijacker of a legitimate journal
  212. TEST: Engineering & Management – hijacker of a legitimate journal www.testmagazine.biz (note the “a” in “magazine”)
  213. Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – hijacker of a legitimate journal (note URL)
  214. The Turkish Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Journal
  215. World Journal of Environmental Biosciences (WJEB, also called World Journal of Environmental Biology)
  216. World Nutrition, WPHNA
  217. Academic Publications, Prime Publications (also here)
  218. Academic Solutions (child of Academic Publications Ltd. and Dynamic Publishers, both on the Beall’s list)
  219. ACTA Press
  220. Acta Scientific
  221. Advanced Research Society for Science and Sociology (ARSSS)
  222. AGU Publications (website is not working, so I have listed all their journals in the Standalone Journals section)
  223. AI Publications
  224. Akademia Baru Publishing (previously Penerbit Akademia Baru)
  225. AMS Central
  226. Ant Journals (Antjournals) (related to Nobel International Journals)
  227. Arena Of Sciences
  228. Asclepius Open
  229. Asian Intellect
  230. Auctores Publishing, LLC
  231. Bilingual Publishing Co
  232. Bio-Byword Publishing PTY LTD
  233. Biogeneric Publishers
  234. BiomedGrid, LLC
  235. Biomedical Research Network+, LLC
  236. Birlesik Dunya Yenilik Arastirma ve Yayincilik Merkezi
  237. Boffin Access
  238. Book Publisher International (BookPI) (linked to ScienceDomain International, another predatory publisher)
  239. Bosal Journals
  240. Boya Century Publishing
  241. British Bio Medicine Institute (British BioMedicine Publishers, BBM Publishers)
  242. BUSSECON International Publishing (BSCint)
  243. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (CSP)
  244. Center for Academic Research (CAR) (linked to RIPK)
  245. Center for Contemporary Research (CCR) (linked to RIPK)
  246. Center for Promoting Education and Research (CPER)
  247. Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and Business (CRIBFB)
  248. Chembio Publishers (new website here)
  249. Cientific Group
  250. Cloud Journals (also Cloud Publications)
  251. CME Publishing Group (inactive)
  252. Coalesce Research Group
  253. Consortia Academia
  254. Copernicus Publishing
  255. Crimson Publishers
  256. East African Scholars Publisher (EAS Publisher)
  257. Edupedia Publications (see also International Scholarly Open Access Research)
  258. Emeraldtree Publishing
  259. ENCYCLOPAEDIC PUBLISHING PTE.LTD (associated with PiscoMed Publishing and Frontier Scientific Publishing)
  260. Engineering Information Institute (ENGII)
  261. EnPress Publisher
  262. eScientific Research (eSciRes)
  263. European Open Access Publishing (EUROPA)
  264. FM Publishers (FM Journals, Frontiers Meetings)
  265. ForteOpen Journals
  266. Fortune Journals
  267. Frontier Scientific Publishing (associated with PiscoMed Publishing and ENCYCLOPAEDIC PUBLISHING)
  268. Geist Science
  269. GIAP Journals
  270. GJ Publications (G J Publications)
  271. Global Press Hub (GPH)
  272. Global Vision Press
  273. Globeedu Group (the group’s journals are already on the Beall’s list, but the group didn’t have a website before)
  274. GPH Journal (Global Publication House International Journals) (connected to EPH Journal)
  275. Green Publication
  276. Gupta Publications
  277. Healthcare Bulletin
  278. Hilaris Publisher (Hilaris SRL) (connected to OMICS)
  279. i-manager Publications
  280. i-Proclaim (related to ABC Journals)
  281. Incessant Nature Science Publishers (INSPublishers)
  282. Infogain Publication
  283. Informing Science Institute (ISI)
  284. Innovation Info (Innovationinfo)
  285. Innovision Health Media, Inc.
  286. Institute for Environment, Engineering, Economics (inactive)
  287. Institute for Promoting Research & Policy Development (IPRPD)
  288. International Association for Research and Science (IARAS)
  289. International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
  290. International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED)
  291. International Business Academics Consortium (IBAC)
  292. International Center for Promoting Knowledge (USA) (ICPK)
  293. International Institute of Education, Research and Development (IIERD)
  294. International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IISES)
  295. International Journal of Modern Research and Development (IJMRND)
  296. International Peer Reviewed Journals and Books (IPRJB)
  297. International Publisher LLC
  298. International Scientific Journal (ISJ)
  299. International Scientific Organization (links to Bosal)
  300. International Technology and Science Publications Ltd (ITS)
  301. Institute of Mathematics and Management (IMM)
  302. IPN Education Group (IPN Publishing, related or a rebrand of International Postgraduate Network)
  303. IRDP Group of Journals (Innovative Research Developers and Publishers)
  304. IRIS Publishers
  305. ITSR (InformTechCell)
  306. Journals of University of Babylon
  307. Knowledge Empowerment Foundation
  308. Knowledge Insights
  309. Kosmos Publishers
  310. Lectito
  311. Leon Publications (publisher of the Chemistry Research Journal, the Pharmaceutical & Chemical Journal, and the Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research)
  312. LIDSEN Publishing Inc. (see also Open BioMedical Publishing Corporation)
  313. Longdom Publishing (connected to International Scholars Journals – ISJ)
  314. Lupine Publishers
  315. Mak Periodical Library
  316. Magnus Med Club (MMC)
  317. MedCave Publications (also here)
  318. Medip Academy
  319. Medpulse Publishing Corporation (connection to Statperson Publishing Corporation)
  320. Medtext Publications
  321. Mehria International Publishers
  322. Modern Business Press
  323. Molecular Biology Journals (see also OMICS)
  324. NADIA (relation to SERSC)
  325. National FORUM Journals
  326. Natural Science Simulations and Engineering Laboratory Limited (NSSEL Publishing)
  327. Nextgen Research Publications (publishes IJNTR)
  328. Ocimum Scientific Publishers
  329. Ology Journals
  330. Onjourn
  331. Onomy Science (Onomy Journals)
  332. Open Access (OA) Publication
  333. Open Exploration
  334. Oriental Scientific Publishing Company
  335. Phronesis, LLC
  336. Prague Development Center (PRADEC)
  337. Publishing Press
  338. PubMedHouse
  339. Raft Publications
  340. ReDelve International Publications
  341. Research Center of Education and Science (RCES)
  342. Research Infotext
  343. Research Novelty Publisher (RNP)
  344. Research Pioneers
  345. Research Route
  346. Rivera Publications
  347. RM Research International Pte. Ltd
  348. S Open Access Open Journals Publishing (SOAOJ)
  349. SAE Publications (Scientific and Academica Editores Publication house, SAEP)
  350. Scholarly Pages (new website of The Scientific Pages)
  351. Scholars Academic and Scientific Society (SAS Society)
  352. SciAccess Publisher (SciAccess Publishers)
  353. SCIAEON
  354. ScienceForecast Publications LLC
  355. ScienceScholar (UTM Publication)
  356. Science Publishing Gate (SPG)
  357. Science Publishing Group (spg.ltd)
  358. Science Repository
  359. Scientia Socialis
  360. Scientific Education
  361. Scimaze Group (Scimaze Publishers)
  362. SciTech Central Inc.
  363. SciVision Publishers (SciVision Publishing Group)
  364. SDIP Press
  365. Social Science Journals (a website created by three predatory publishers)
  366. Sryahwa Publications
  367. Stechnolock
  368. SunKrist Publishing
  369. SunText Reviews
  370. Synotec Publishers
  371. Syntax Publishers
  372. The American Publishing House (TAPH)
  373. Thomson.id
  374. TMR Publishing Group
  375. TSNS “Interaktiv plus”, LLC
  376. UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd
  377. United Prime Publications, Universal Access Medical Publishers
  378. Universal Wiser Publisher
  379. Vision Science Research Sdn Bhd (VSR, see also Universe Scientific Publishing)


Conclusion: As researchers navigate the complex landscape of academic publishing, vigilance is paramount to safeguard against the pitfalls of predatory journals. By staying informed, adhering to ethical publication practices, and seeking guidance from reputable sources, scholars can contribute to the preservation of scholarly integrity and the advancement of knowledge.

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