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Account Deletion Terms and Conditions

  1. Request Process:
    • Users can request either complete deletion or partial deletion of their account.
    • Partial deletion includes removing specific personal information (e.g., Full Name), downgrading user roles, or deleting specific comments.
    • Complete deletion will erase all user data, including comments, and is irreversible.
    • Users can also directly delete their account through the Android app’s security menu.
  2. Deletion Request Form:
    • To initiate the account deletion process, users must fill out the designated form.
    • The form allows users to specify the type of deletion (complete or partial) and details of the requested actions.
  3. Partial Deletion:
    • For partial deletion requests, users can select specific personal information or comments they want to be removed.
  4. Complete Deletion:
    • Complete deletion removes all user data permanently and is not recoverable.
    • Users must understand that choosing complete deletion is a final decision.
  5. Android App Deletion:
    • Users have the option to directly delete their account through the Android app’s security menu.
  6. Confirmation:
    • Upon submission of the deletion request, users will receive a confirmation email.
    • Users must confirm their deletion request to proceed with the process.
  7. Processing Time:
    • Deletion requests will be processed within a reasonable time frame.
  8. Contact:
    • For any concerns or inquiries regarding account deletion, users can contact our support team.
  9. Policy Changes:
    • The terms and conditions for account deletion may be updated, and users are advised to review them periodically.
  10. Effective Date:
    • These terms are effective as of 01st December 2023.

By submitting the account deletion request form, users acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

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You will received a confirmation message on your email for the deletion. Enter any information you want to tell us.

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