I tan a chhawpchhuah


Awmpui tur awmchilh thei tur.
Hlawh inbiakremna nise.

Khatla Revenue Opposite
Contact : 8119933483
Nula pahnih awmdun thei tur ka mamawh e.

Contact : 8794972050
An English teacher for HS and HSS is urgently required.
Interview shall be held on 8.2.2021(Tuesday), 10:00 am.

Contact : 9862810672 , 9863121450
BCA, MCA, BTech IT or Computer Science mamawh a ni a,
a duh chuan a hnuai a number ah hian resume whatsapp a thawn tur a ni e.

Contact : 9774058922
PES, Ramhlun tan zirtirtu mamawh  a ni a, dil duh tana hriat turte :

i) Thiamna : General line-a Graduate, Hindi Shiksan Praveen, DEl.Ed leh a tlukpui a chin chunglam.
ii) Dil hun : February 2021 chhung.
iii) Interview : Ramhlun Kohhran Committee Room No II. Ni 13.3.2021 (Inrinni) dar 10:30AM.
iv) Diltu : Kum 35 aia upa lo.
v) Dilnaah : Certificate, marksheet leh Kohhran lehkha thil tel tur.
vi) Hlawh (Wages) : Probation Rs 12,000/- (fixed).


Management Board
Contact : 9612950043
Mathematics zirtir thei tur M.Sc Mathematics / B.Sc Mathematics (with 7 years experience in teaching) part time (Morning & Evening) mamawh a ni e. Thiam dan leh experience azirin hlawh tha tak pek a ni ang.

Contact : 9436353101
@hnaruak1 #hnaruak

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