I tan a chhawpchhuah


Huan enkawltu tur fel leh rinawm tak duh a ni a, hlawh Rs. 8000+ Ration a ni ang.

Ph : 9612155110
Republic Mual veng chungah concrete building luah tur kan nei e.

Ph : 9856834641/ 8258090273
Hostel cook tur ruihtheihthil ti lo mamawh a ni e. Hlawh : 5000/-

Ph : 6009184011/ 9774632726
Driver tur fel leh taima, ruihtheihthil khawih lo mamawh a ni.

Ph : 9862336121
A lady Warden cum teacher post available at Nazareth Hr.Sec School, Chhinga Veng.
Graduate and Fluent in English may apply.
Walk-in-interview on 4th February 2021 (Thursday) furing office hours. Documents to be brought at the time of interview.

Ph : 9774702537/ 9436142379/ 9436196558
Pik up driver leh handyman tur fel tak kan mamawh. Hlawh inbiakrem dan azir ni se.

Ph : 9362223265
Hotel a thawk tur waiter (pahnih) mamawh a ni. English or Hindi thiam awmchilh nghal thei. Tin, hmeichhia (pahnih) a tul tul thawk tur pawh mamawh a ni.
Hlawh : 5000+ food and accomodation.

Ph : 0389-2301813/ 9774136657
Hmeichhia awmpui tur pakhat mamawh a ni e. Hlawh : 6500/-

Ph : 9856082019
Nula fel tak pakhat awmpui tur mamawh a ni e. Hlawh : 5000/-

Ph : 8730977322
Tui chawi motor pik up khalh tur driver ruihtheih thila fihlim mamawh a ni a. In luah man, tui bill leh electric bill free a ni ang. Hlawh : Rs.8000/-

Ph : 9436362438/ 9862356475
Hrangbana Canteen a thawk tur cook pakhat hmanhmawh taka mamawh a ni e.

Ph : 9862369186
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