I tan a chhawpchhuah


SML ISUZU Authorised Dealer Amawii Automobiles a thawk tur Service Manager (Mipa) mamawh a ni e.
Hlawh : Rs.10,000/- + TA Per month.
Thiamna : i) English leh Hindi thiam. ii) Computer Knowledge

Interview : Dt.4/02/2021, Dar 10:00AM atangin.

Amawii Automobiles, Bawngkawn Lunglei Road.
Ph : 9612739259
RP Enterprise a thawk tur Sales Girl/ Sales Boy/ Driver tur duh a ni. Experience nei duhsak an ni ang.
Salary starting : 10,000/-

Ph : 6009204643/ 9077262215

Address : Lower Zarkawt, Near Zote Bakery.
Tui chawi zui tur tlangval fel tak ruihtheihthila fihlim mamawh a ni e.

Ph : 9436362438/ 9862356475
Tyre fit leh siamtu tur mipa mamawh a ni e. Siam thiamsa leh zir duh tan a dil theih e.

Amawii Tyre Work m, Bawngkawn, Lunglei Road.
Ph : 9612232159/ 9436192335
English -1 (Prose, Poetry, RR) teacher is required for immediate appoinment.
Qualification : MA (English)
Pay : 15,000 per month.

Sd/- Principal
Springfield H.S.S
Republic Veng, Aizawl
Ph : 7005606025/ 9436196215
Restaurant a thawk tur a rang lamin cook mamawh a ni e.

Ph : 8794414869
Taxi khalh duh awmchilh duh tan a hnuaia number ah hian a biak theih e.

Ph : 7005026184
Vawk farm enkawl tur ruihhlo khawih lo, mi rinawm tak mamawh a ni e.

Ph : 9862388536
Driver tur mi fel tak mamawh a ni a, hlawh chu inbiakremna a ni ang.

Ph : 8787491309
Oriental emaw Continental Cuisine Chef Aizawl-a Restaurant ah mamawh a ni. A hnuaia number ah hian a biak theih ang.

Ph : 8974001224
Hostel cook tur a rang lama mamawh a ni. Ruihtheihthil ti tan dil buai a ngai lo ang.

Ph : 9436986005/ 9774549507
Awmpui tur nula a rang lama duh a ni.
Hlawh : 6000/-

Ph : 8575286518/ 8730926796
Mipa kekawr thui thiam mamawh a ni, Coat thui thiam nen dawra thawk turin.

Ph : 8794385413
@hnarua1 #hnaruak


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