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Regular and Contract

StateBankofIndiainvitesOn-lineapplicationfromIndiancitizenforappointment/engagement in the following Specialist Cadre Officer posts on regular/contract basis. Candidates are requested to apply Online through the link given in Bank’s website https://bank.sbi/web/careers

1. A candidate can apply for one post only.2. The process of Registration is complete only when fee is deposited with the Bank through Online mode on or before the last date for payment of fee.3. Before applying, candidates are requested to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria for the post as on the date of eligibility.4.Candidatesarerequiredtouploadallrequireddocuments(detailedresume,IDproof,ageproof,educational qualification,experienceetc.)failingwhichtheircandidaturewillnot be considered for online written test/ interview.5.Admissiontoonlinetestwillbepurelyprovisionalwithoutverificationofdocuments.Candidaturewillbesubjecttoverificationofalldetails/documentswiththeoriginalwhena candidate reports for online test and/or interview (if called).6.Incaseacandidateiscalledforinterviewandisfoundnotsatisfyingtheeligibilitycriteria(Age,EducationalQualificationandExperienceetc.)he/shewillneitherbeallowedto appear for the interview nor be entitled for reimbursement of any travelling expenses.7.CandidatesareadvisedtocheckBank’swebsitehttps://bank.sbi/web/careersregularlyfordetailsandupdates(includingthelistofqualifiedcandidates).The”CallletterforonlineExamination”and”AcquaintYourself”bookletshouldbedownloadedbyenteringregistrationnumberandpassword/dateofbirthfromtheBank’swebsite. Call letter for interview, where required, will be sent by e-mail only (No hard copy will be sent).8.Incasemorethanonecandidatescoressamemarksatcut-offmarksinthefinalmeritlist(commonmarksatcut-offpoint),suchcandidateswillberankedinthemeritaccording to their age in descending order.9. HARD COPY OF APPLICATION & OTHER DOCUMENTS NOT TO BE SENT TO THIS OFFICE.10. All revision/corrigenda will be hosted only on the Bank’s above-mentioned websites.

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