I tan a chhawpchhuah

Supervisor leh Investigator Hnaruak

Mizoram Sawrkar, Planning & Programme Implementation Department lehkha No. B.12012/1/2011-PLG Dt. 23.11.2020 angin, Economics & Statistics hnuaiah a hnaruak 9 (pakua) te hi Central Sample of National Sample Survey (CSS) kum 1(khat) atana thawk turin lak tum a ni a, performance a zira pawhsei theih ani ang. Heng hna dil duh te chuan Application Form hi Dt. 06.01.2021 atangin Directorate of Economics & Statistics MINECO Complex ah ₹ 150/- a lei in Dt. 28.01.2021 aia tlai lovah thehluh tur a ni.

Economics & Statistics Department hnuaiah heng kan tarlan hnate hi a ruaka, Dil duh chuan Application form hi Download-in dil theih a ni e.

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