I tan a chhawpchhuah

Teachers and Office Assistant Wanted

Hnaruak : Presbyterian English School, Champhai Vengthlangah Zirtirtu leh Office Assistant hna a ruak a, a dil duh chuan ni 20.02.2023 – 07.03.2023 chhungin Principal Lalnienglawmi (Ph:7629859113) hnenah dilna thehluh tur a ni e.

1. Science Teacher (2), English teacher (1), Mizo teacher (1) Qualification: Graduate and above with B.Ed/D.El.Ed (desireable), Teaching experience (preferable), Lawmman : 10000/- + increment

2. Office Assistant (1)
Qualification : HSLC and above with CCC or Diploma in Computer Certificate
Lawmman : 8000/- + increment

Ni 08.03.2023 (Nilaini) dar 11:00 a.m ah Vengthlang Kohhran Committee Room no.1 ah interview neih tur a ni a, document kimchang leh kohhran lehkha ken tel tur a ni. Diltu chu zuk leh hmuam leh ruihtheihthil lakah a fihlim tur a ni.

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